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Full Supply of Avocados and Mangos Available

24 May // News


Freska and Disney Release New Retail Packaging and Mango Recipe and Activity Ebook

04 May // News

Freska International is bringing the magic of Disney back to the mango category this spring, reinforcing its commitment to showing how delicious and nutritious mangos are for the whole family.

Keep an eye out as Freska’s fresh Tommy Atkins, Kents, Keitts, and Ataulfos mangos rejoin Mickey and his friends in retail stores nationwide, with specially marked boxes featuring your favorite Disney characters. And to give families a few ideas to live a healthier lifestyle, Freska and Disney have teamed up to bring an ebook that is all tasty, all mango, and Mickey-checked.

With Freska’s Mango Recipe and Activity ebook, making mango-inspired meals can be fun and engaging for everyone. Not only does the book have easy, convenient ideas for all things mango, it also includes fun images and activities to get your kids in on the fun. With Freska’s Mango Recipe and Activity ebook they can do fun, brain-teasing activities like Mickey and Friends word find and Mickey’s Garden Maze, or help you cook. With Mickey and his friends guiding every page, watch as the magic of Disney helps bring extra hands to the kitchen and mangos become a family activity.

With taste and health on its side, Freska continues to make mangos the perfect family ingredient. Think mangos, think Freska.


Freska Mexican Mangoes in Time for Viva Fresh!

24 March // News

Viva Fresh Booth 23!
Mangos are as versatile as they come, and when it comes to filling a tall order, this company has your number.
Thanks to Freska’s growers in Southern, Mexico, the company will be supplying its Ataulfo and Tommy Atkins mangos to add a burst of tropical flavor to produce departments through the Spring and summer months into September. Ataulfos and Tommy Atkins are projected to have a great season as volume is very good and quality is excellent.
Freska’s Mexican mango program will see expansion on its Ataulfo offerings over the month as supplies come in from southern Mexico.
It’s the ideal time for retailers to promote mangos as demand continues to rise and the popularity of the fruit is at an all-time high with per capita consumption increasing every year.
As Freska’s Ataulfo mangos hit the shelves, the company is reminding consumers to wait until the skin is wrinkled before eating the fruit, this will ensure your experience will include maximum sweetness and flavor. A unique mango experience showcased front and center in produce departments is the perfect way to increase the ring at the register and add splash of color to the consumer’s shopping experience.
Think Freska Think Mangos!


You’re Invited! Visit Freska Produce International at PMA Fresh Summit.

09 October // News

The most popular fruit in the world is keeping produce departments ripe with flavor this Fall with Freska Produce International’s mango program from Ecuador.  Just in time for PMA’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, the company is transitioning to Ecuador, mainly the province of Guayas, and is slated to begin shipping next week with light volumes to kick off the season.  Freska will be supplying the Tommy Atkins and Ataulfos varieties to start and will continue to ship those varieties out of Ecuador through December of this year.
Beginning in December the company will begin shipping Kent varieties as Freska winds the season up in and around the first part of next year.  Promotional opportunities will be plentiful during the Ecuadorian season and retailers can increase the ring at the register this fall with Freska mango displays and holiday promotions.  To check out more of what Freska Produce International has to offer, please visit booth 2396 at the PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California.


Freska Produce Tropical Holidays

02 December // News

Freska Produce International is bringing a tropical twist to the holiday spread.  The company is offering only the freshest and best quality Mangos to retailers and consumers this winter, from its Ecuadorian program in the province of Guayas.  Freska is continuing to ship Tommy, Haden’s,  and Ataulfos from the region and will begin shipping Kent’s in the coming weeks.  As volumes out of Ecuador have peaked, the company will continue to supply retail and foodservice partners through the end of December out of Ecuador.  

On the horizon, Freska is slated to transition smoothly into Peru following Ecuador, and will begin shipping the first week of December with Tommy’s and Kent’s.  The program out of Peru extends into March, bringing the healthy nutritious treat to you strait through into Spring. Sizing out of Peru will remain constant on medium to large sizes as the crop size looks very similar to last year’s.  Promotional opportunities will be plentiful throughout the holiday season!

In addition, Freska has begun shipping avocados out of Mexico.  The Mexican season runs almost year-round with peak eating quality occurring from December through May.  Differentiate your holiday presentation with Freska Produce’s healthy fruit assortment of Mangos and Avocados.


Freska Produce teams up with Disney for mango promotion!

09 October // News


Freska Produce Mango update – get your produce department ready for Ecuador!

29 September // News


Freska Produce Presents Mexican Mango Promotional Opportunities

12 August // News


What’s in Store Freska Produce

06 August // News


Mexican Mangos Ready For Spring!

11 March // News