Freska Mexican Mangoes in Time for Viva Fresh!

Viva Fresh Booth 23!
Mangos are as versatile as they come, and when it comes to filling a tall order, this company has your number.
Thanks to Freska’s growers in Southern, Mexico, the company will be supplying its Ataulfo and Tommy Atkins mangos to add a burst of tropical flavor to produce departments through the Spring and summer months into September. Ataulfos and Tommy Atkins are projected to have a great season as volume is very good and quality is excellent.
Freska’s Mexican mango program will see expansion on its Ataulfo offerings over the month as supplies come in from southern Mexico.
It’s the ideal time for retailers to promote mangos as demand continues to rise and the popularity of the fruit is at an all-time high with per capita consumption increasing every year.
As Freska’s Ataulfo mangos hit the shelves, the company is reminding consumers to wait until the skin is wrinkled before eating the fruit, this will ensure your experience will include maximum sweetness and flavor. A unique mango experience showcased front and center in produce departments is the perfect way to increase the ring at the register and add splash of color to the consumer’s shopping experience.
Think Freska Think Mangos!

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